Review: Nite Ize Connect Case for iPhone 5 – Stylish & Protective

Review: Nite Ize Connect Case for iPhone 5 – Stylish & Protective

When it ​comes to protecting our beloved iPhone 5, we want ⁤a case‍ that not only offers reliable‍ defense against everyday⁣ wear and‌ tear, but ⁣also complements‌ the⁢ sleek⁤ design of our ⁣device. That’s why we turned to the Nite ⁣Ize CNT-IP5-69TC Connect Case. Designed⁤ with ‍high-grade, shatterproof Lexan ​polycarbonate, this‍ slim, ⁢lightweight ​case‌ doesn’t just protect our⁢ phone⁢ -⁤ it enhances it. With features like shock-absorption, a removable Connect⁣ Clip, and a custom-sized⁢ screen protector, this case has everything we‍ need to keep our iPhone 5 safe ⁢and stylish. Join us as we ‍take a closer look at the Nite Ize Connect Case​ in Translucent Turquoise and discover⁣ why ⁣it’s a must-have accessory for any iPhone 5 owner.

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When it comes to⁤ protecting our precious iPhone 5, we⁢ want a case that not only provides reliable‌ defense against wear and tear but ‌also complements‍ the sleek⁤ design of the device. The Nite Ize Connect Case does just that, with its slim, lightweight,⁤ and durable construction. The high grade, shatterproof Lexan ​polycarbonate ​material ensures that our phone stays safe from everyday bumps and shocks, while⁤ the unique design allows easy ​access to all features.

One ⁤of the standout features ‍of ‍the‍ Connect Case​ is the innovative flex-hinge design, making it a breeze to ⁣insert and remove our iPhone 5 from the case. The included removable Connect Clip adds extra convenience, allowing us to attach our ‍phone to pockets,⁣ straps, or belts with ease. Plus,⁤ the included anti-fingerprint clear screen‌ protector​ ensures that our screen stays ​crystal clear. With⁢ a range⁤ of eye-catching colors to choose from, ‍a soft-touch ⁤feel, and‌ a positive ‍diamond grip pattern, the Connect⁣ Case not only offers⁣ superior protection but also ‍adds a touch of style to our device.⁤ Don’t wait any ​longer to safeguard your iPhone 5 ⁢- ‌get ​your hands on the Nite Ize Connect Case now!

Standout Features

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When it comes to , the Nite Ize Connect Case for iPhone 5 truly shines. One of the key‌ features ⁤that⁤ sets this ⁣case​ apart ⁣is its ‍high-grade, shatterproof Lexan polycarbonate construction, which‌ provides serious protection against everyday wear and tear. Not only is this case durable and practical, but it also offers dependable shock-absorption to⁤ keep your iPhone safe and secure.

Another standout feature of the Connect Case is its​ innovative flex-hinge design, which ‍makes inserting and removing ‍your phone quick and easy. Additionally, the case comes ⁢with a removable Connect Clip that ⁤allows you ⁤to​ conveniently attach your ‌phone⁤ to pockets, straps, or belts. With a sleek, slim-line‍ design and a soft-touch‍ feel, this case not only complements the iPhone ‍5’s sleek size but also provides a‍ positive diamond grip⁢ pattern for added security. ‍If you’re looking for a protective case that doesn’t sacrifice style or functionality, the Nite Ize Connect Case is‌ the perfect ‌choice.

In-Depth Analysis and‌ Recommendations

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When it comes to protecting your iPhone⁤ 5, the ⁣Nite Ize CNT-IP5-69TC Connect Case truly⁢ stands out as ‍a top choice. The high grade, shatterproof Lexan polycarbonate construction provides⁢ serious protection from‌ everyday‌ wear and tear, ⁢ensuring your device ⁤will stay safe and​ secure. Not ⁤only is the case durable, but it is also slim and lightweight, ‍preserving the⁤ sleek profile of ‍your iPhone 5. ​The innovative flex-hinge design makes it easy to insert and remove your phone from the case, while the included removable Connect Clip‍ allows for convenient ‍attachment ⁤to ⁢pockets, straps, or⁣ belts.

In addition​ to its practical and​ protective features, the Nite Ize ⁤Connect Case also offers‌ a⁣ stylish design that complements the sleek size of the‍ iPhone‌ 5. Available in a range of eye-catching​ colors, this case has ⁣a soft-touch feel⁢ and a positive⁢ diamond grip ‌pattern that enhances​ both the look and functionality​ of your‌ device. With the‍ added ‍bonus ‍of ‍a custom sized, anti-fingerprint clear screen protector included, this case truly has everything you ⁣need ‍to keep your iPhone 5 looking and performing at its best. Upgrade your‌ phone protection today by ‍getting your‌ hands on the⁤ Nite Ize Connect Case‍ – you won’t be disappointed!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing various customer reviews, we can see a mix⁣ of positive and negative feedback for the Nite‍ Ize Connect ‌Case for ​iPhone 5. Here ⁢is a summary of the‍ key points:

Review Feedback
Nite Ize told me that they could not guarantee that the iPhone ⁣5 Connect Case would ⁢work​ with the⁣ new iPhone 5s, because the dual flash is‍ larger. Positive
The case is much smaller⁢ than an⁢ Otterbox Defender⁢ case, ⁤but the clip has broken after⁣ a couple ⁤of months. Negative
The case is ⁢protective, has a ‍nice clip design, but ‌the volume buttons are hard to activate. Positive
The case ​survived a 15-foot drop, but the‌ plastic ⁤clip ​is fragile and breaks easily. Mixed
The⁤ case allows for easy retrieval from ‍pockets, but the clip is not compatible with the S-biner as advertised. Mixed
Not as luxurious as previous cases, but offers good protection and functionality. Positive
Works well with good protection, but may ‍have issues⁣ with removing the phone from the ‍case. Positive
Japanese language review – Satisfied with the case’s design and comfort, but ‌had ⁢difficulties⁢ removing the phone due to added screen protectors. Positive
Fits⁢ the phone perfectly ‌but may lack some flexibility in the clip. Positive

Overall, the Nite Ize Connect Case for⁢ iPhone 5 ⁣seems to‌ offer good ‌protection and functionality, with some design flaws such ‌as a ⁢fragile clip and difficulty with certain accessories.

Pros & Cons

Pros &⁢ Cons


  • High grade, shatterproof ​Lexan ⁢polycarbonate material for⁣ durability and protection
  • Slim, lightweight design that doesn’t add ⁣bulk to the iPhone 5
  • Easy ⁣access to all of the phone’s features thanks to the unique design
  • Comes ⁤with a removable Connect Clip for‍ convenient attachment
  • Includes a clear screen protector to prevent scratches and fingerprints
  • Available in a variety of eye-catching colors


May be slightly difficult to‌ remove the case
Does not offer waterproof protection
Some users ‌may find the design too​ simple or utilitarian

Overall, the ‍Nite ​Ize Connect‍ Case for ⁤iPhone 5 is‌ a stylish and ‌protective​ option for those looking to keep their phone safe from everyday wear and tear.⁤ It offers a good balance of durability and functionality, ‌with a‌ slim design that doesn’t⁢ compromise on protection. ⁣While‍ it may‍ have a few minor ⁤drawbacks, such as⁤ the difficulty in removing the ‍case, ‍the⁢ overall ‌quality and convenience of the Connect Case make it a solid choice for ‌iPhone 5 users.⁢


Q: Does ‌the⁢ Nite Ize⁤ Connect Case for‍ iPhone 5 offer good protection for the phone?

A: Yes, the⁢ Nite Ize Connect Case‍ for iPhone 5 is made of ‍high grade, shatterproof Lexan​ polycarbonate, offering serious protection‍ from​ everyday wear and tear. It also provides dependable shock-absorption ‌to‍ keep your phone safe.

Q: Is ‌it easy to put on and take off the case?

A: Absolutely! The innovative‌ flex-hinge design of the Connect Case makes insertion and​ removal ​quick and easy, so you can switch cases or clean your phone with no hassle.

Q: Can I attach my phone to different accessories with this case?

A:⁢ Yes, the Connect Case comes ‌with a removable Connect Clip⁣ that allows you‍ to conveniently attach your phone to pockets, straps, ​or belts. It provides added functionality and convenience.

Q: Does the case have⁢ a good grip?

A:⁤ Definitely! The Connect Case features a positive diamond grip pattern that ⁢offers a soft-touch feel⁤ and secure grip, so you‌ can keep a hold of your phone ​without worrying⁢ about it slipping out of your hand.

Q:‍ Is ​the screen protector included with the case durable and easy to apply?

A: The custom sized, anti-fingerprint clear screen protector⁢ included with the Connect‍ Case is durable and easy to apply. It helps⁤ keep your phone’s screen‍ looking new ‍and scratch-free.

Elevate‌ Your Lifestyle

As we⁤ wrap up our review of‌ the Nite Ize Connect Case for iPhone‌ 5, we can confidently say that ​this case combines⁣ style and protection in a ⁣seamless way. We were impressed by its⁢ sleek design, durable construction,‌ and practical features⁢ that make it a⁣ must-have accessory for your iPhone 5. With the included Connect ​Clip and clear screen protector, ⁢this ⁣case offers ⁣convenience and functionality⁢ that you’ll love.

If you’re ​in the market ⁣for a stylish and protective​ case ‍for your‍ iPhone 5, look no further than⁣ the Nite ​Ize Connect Case. Click here‌ to get ​your hands on ‌this ⁤fantastic product: Get your Nite Ize ‌Connect Case now!

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