Reviewing the Soda FLING Women’s Chunky Combat Ankle Boots

Ladies and gentlemen, have we got a treat for you today! We recently ⁣got our hands on the Soda FLING Women Chunky Lug Sole Lace up ⁢Fashion Combat Ankle Boot with Side Zipper, and let me tell you, we are‍ in love. From its stylish design to its comfortable fit, this boot has quickly ⁢become ⁢a staple in our wardrobe. Join us as we dive into all the reasons why this must-have ‍footwear deserves a spot in your collection. Get⁤ ready ⁣to step up your fashion game with the Soda FLING Women Chunky Lug Sole Lace​ up Fashion Combat Ankle Boot!

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As we dive into our review of these stylish chunky lug sole combat ankle boots, it’s important to note that they are not only fashionable but also incredibly functional. The chunky lug sole provides excellent traction, ⁢making them perfect for navigating any terrain with ease. The lace-up‍ design adds​ a touch of edginess to⁤ any outfit, while the⁤ side zipper ⁢ensures quick ​and convenient on/off access. We found these boots to be surprisingly lightweight despite ⁤their ⁢durable construction, weighing in ‍at just 3 pounds.

The item model number FLING is a⁢ testament⁤ to the attention to detail that went into creating these boots. We appreciate that they ⁢were ‍designed with the modern ⁤woman in ⁣mind, combining style and practicality seamlessly. Whether you’re running errands or⁤ hitting the town, these combat ankle boots are sure to make a statement. Don’t miss out on adding these versatile boots to your wardrobe – make the purchase today and step out ⁤in style!

Stylish and edgy design

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When ‍it comes to style, these chunky lug sole combat boots ​really stand out from the crowd.​ The edgy design of these ankle boots is sure to make ‍a statement wherever you go. With a sleek lace-up‌ front and convenient side zipper, ⁣these ⁣boots are not only fashionable but also practical. The‌ combination of tough lug soles and a classic combat boot⁣ silhouette gives these shoes a modern and urban vibe that we⁤ can’t get enough of.

Made by SODA, these women’s ankle boots are designed to turn heads. The attention⁢ to detail in the design is evident, from​ the sturdy⁤ construction to the stylish hardware accents. Whether you’re pairing these boots with⁤ a casual jeans and t-shirt ensemble or dressing them up with a flirty ‌dress, they are sure⁢ to add a touch of edge to any outfit. So why wait? Step up your⁤ shoe game with these fashion-forward combat boots ‍and unleash your inner style rebel! Get yours here!

Comfortable‍ and durable construction

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When it comes to⁣ the comfort and durability of these boots, we were pleasantly surprised by the ⁣quality of the construction. The chunky lug sole provides ample cushioning, making it⁢ easy to walk in these all day without ‌any discomfort. The ‌lace-up design ensures a snug fit ‌around the ankle, giving you the support you need for all your adventures. Additionally, the side zipper makes it easy to take these boots on and off in a‍ flash.

The ⁢sturdy materials used in these boots make them incredibly durable, perfect for those who are looking for a long-lasting footwear option. The attention to ⁢detail in the stitching and craftsmanship is evident, ensuring⁢ that ‍these boots will stand the test of time. Whether you’re walking on city streets or hiking through the great outdoors, these boots​ will ⁢keep up with you every step of the way. Don’t ‌miss out on⁢ the opportunity to add these stylish and functional boots to‍ your wardrobe! Check them out on ⁣Amazon ​ and experience the comfort and durability for yourself.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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Upon closer examination of the Soda FLING Women Chunky Lug Sole Lace up Fashion ⁢Combat Ankle Boot with Side‍ Zipper, we’ve‌ gathered some ⁣ for potential buyers. The chunky lug sole not ‌only provides a trendy look but also offers excellent traction, making these boots perfect for outdoor⁢ activities or everyday wear. The lace-up ‍design ensures a ⁢secure and adjustable fit, while the convenient side zipper allows⁤ for easy on and off. Additionally, the boots weigh 3 pounds,⁤ which strikes a balance between ⁤being sturdy⁤ and comfortable.

In terms of recommendations, we suggest sizing up if ​you have wide feet as the fit may be slightly narrow. The boots are designed for women⁤ and have a stylish, modern look that pairs well with a variety of outfits. The manufacturer, SODA, has a reputation for quality footwear, and the product ⁣was first available on August 25, 2021. Overall,‍ these combat ankle boots are a versatile and fashionable choice for those looking to add a touch of edginess to ⁤their wardrobe. Check them out on Amazon for more information⁤ and to make a purchase! Grab ‍a pair now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Review Rating
1.⁤ These are so good! They are so cute and not too heavy! ⁤They are a ​bit stiff but they look so good⁤ and they run‌ true to size perfectly fit! Had to loosen the laces a little because they were ‌hurting my ⁢toe the first time I wore them but the second time they ⁤fit perfectly and comfortably! Maybe⁤ wear a thick sock the first time if its too stiff on your ⁢toe or ⁤if you have bunions (hopefully spelled that correctly) haha.⁤ I love that the stitching is⁢ white too not yellow! Such a versatile ‌shoe! A little shiny, would like them a bit more matte but for the price and ⁣everything considered fast shipping and ⁤all, these are ​like a more affordable doc Martin ​and⁤ I’ll take affordable anyday!! 5/5
2. I​ needed a pair of gold platform boots to wear for Mardi Gras and found these. They ⁣are so cute I will be wearing them for any occasion! ​The height is perfect. They‍ are a little stiff (which is expected with the⁣ vegan⁢ upper) but after wearing around the house for about 30 minutes they already softened up a bit. They are not ‌super lightweight which is great for me because I like a heavier ‍shoe especially⁣ when it is a platform.⁣ I ‌am a true ​7.5 and these fit perfectly! Thank you Brilliant Green for getting these cute & comfortable boots ‍to me​ with plenty‍ of time to spare! 5/5
3. These boots look and feel high end! ‍The patent black is gorgeous! Love these! Wore them the⁣ next day and was on my feet all day…‍ soooo ⁢comfy! A tad big but thick ⁤socks help and ‍you do want to wear these without socks. HIGHLY recommend…. Look⁢ just as good as Dr. Martens!!! 5/5
4. These are beautiful. Looks just as pictured. Fits true to size. I wanted ⁢to love them SO much because of how nice they looked. Unfortunately the heel gives me⁤ a ton of pain in the ball of my foot, leaving ‍my feet‌ throbbing after walking around for just a few minutes. ⁣I⁣ bought ‌memory⁣ foam⁢ insoles for them and they helped, but ⁣I eventually get the pain again within⁢ 20 minutes of ‍walking. If you never have ​problems with heeled shoes, these are probably great. I will ⁣say the sole has no cushion, so you’ll probably need to get something for it. But if you’re like me, a 24 year old who needs ergonomic shoes, these may ⁤not ‌be the​ ones. So sad, but I’m returning. Otherwise, these were awesome for ⁢the price. ‍Would get them if‍ they sold a platform version with no ⁤elevated heel! 3/5
5. These boots are very comfortable, and super ⁤cute. Great ⁢deal! Highly recommend. 5/5
6. These‍ boots are everything! Very comfortable.. 5/5
7. The shoes are way too narrow but⁢ they are sturdy and look good. Just‌ get either 1 or 2 sizes up ,or get a wide 4/5
8. I am your ⁣typical back and brown shoe woman but I recently purchased a black ⁤bodysuit, pink seater jacket (also from Amazon) and wanted to buy some pink boots. These are the most‌ comfortable‍ boots I’ve ever own. Wore them the first time out with the​ girls. We⁤ danced all night, no⁤ discomfort the night of and the ‍days after. Love the ⁣price⁢ point. ⁣The did ⁤get a few ⁤scuffs⁢ but nothing baking soda paste⁤ couldn’t remove. ⁢From a longevity perspective I can’t say but ​I don’t typically wear‌ boots for days at a time. Take care of them as you wear them and I believe ⁤they’ll be fine.⁤ Coming back for more and now purchasing some for my daughter. I’m a size 6 1/2 I probably could have gotten away ⁢with 6s but glad I didn’t⁢ I can definitely wear thicker socks​ with them so all in al ‌perfect. So glad I took the chance. 5/5
9. Really nice shape …and good quality 4/5
10. Me gustaron mucho, ⁢las pedí un número más grande ya que leí que ⁢vienen justas por lo que⁢ me quedaron muy bien. Son ligeras y llegaron antes. Soy talla 7 mex y me cuesta encontrar zapatos/botas 5/5
11. Me gustaron ⁢mucho, son supercomodos y la ​plataforma te da más altura, creo que volveré a comprar otros de diferente color 5/5
12. I am a size 6-6.5, so I ordered a 6.5…WAY too small. I’m not sure even a 7 would fit, so going with another brand. They are‌ really cute boots though and look well made. 2/5
13. Horrible produit, super cheap. 1/5

Overall, based ‌on the customer reviews, the Soda FLING Women’s Chunky Combat Ankle Boots have received positive ⁣feedback. Many customers emphasized the comfort and cute design of the boots, mentioning that they are great for various occasions and offer good value for the price.

Some customers did experience issues with sizing and comfort, particularly mentioning that the boots were too​ narrow ⁣or caused ⁣discomfort after prolonged wear. However, the majority of reviews praised the quality, style, and ‍versatility of the boots.

If you are looking ​for a stylish‍ and affordable ‍combat boot option, the⁣ Soda FLING Women’s Chunky Lug Sole Lace up Fashion Combat Ankle Boots may be a ⁤great choice based on the positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Pros & Cons

Pros⁤ & Cons


1. Stylish ‍design with chunky lug sole
2. Durable construction for long-lasting wear
3. Easy to lace up with side zipper for convenience
4. Comfortable fit for all-day wear


1. May⁤ run slightly large, so consider sizing down
2. Chunky sole may ⁣be heavy for some users
3. Not ideal for extreme ⁢weather conditions

Overall, the Soda FLING‌ Women’s Chunky Combat Ankle Boots offer a stylish and durable option for⁣ those looking to ‍add some edge to their wardrobe. While they may have some drawbacks, the pros outweigh the ​cons for ⁤a fashionable⁢ and comfortable⁢ choice in footwear.


Q: Are the Soda FLING Women’s Chunky‌ Combat Ankle Boots true to⁢ size?
A: Yes, the boots tend to run true‌ to size. We recommend ordering​ your normal shoe size⁤ for the best fit.

Q: Are these​ boots comfortable to wear all day?
A: The Chunky Lug Sole and padded insole make these boots surprisingly comfortable for all-day ⁤wear. They provide good support and cushioning.

Q: How ⁤is the ​quality of the materials used in these boots?
A: The Soda FLING Women’s Chunky Combat Ankle ‍Boots ‍are made of high-quality materials that are⁣ durable and long-lasting. The construction ⁣is solid, and the‌ stitching ⁣is well done.

Q: Do these boots have a side zipper for easy on and ⁤off?
A: Yes, these boots feature a ​convenient side zipper ⁤in addition to⁢ the‍ lace-up⁢ front, making them easy to put on and take off.

Q: Are these boots stylish and⁣ on-trend?
A: Absolutely! These combat ankle boots‍ have a chunky lug sole and a fashionable design that will add a ‍trendy touch to any outfit. They are versatile and⁤ can be styled in many different ways.

Q: Can‌ these boots be worn in different seasons?
A: While these boots are great for the fall and winter seasons, they can also be worn in the spring with​ the right outfit. They are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. ⁤

Seize the Opportunity

As we wrap up our review of the Soda FLING Women’s Chunky Combat Ankle Boots,​ we can ⁣confidently say that these boots offer a stylish and edgy addition​ to any ⁣fashionista’s wardrobe. With ⁣their chunky lug sole, lace-up design, and convenient side zipper, these boots are not only trendy but practical as‍ well. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but if you’re lucky enough to find a pair, don’t hesitate ⁣to snag them!

If you’re ready to elevate your shoe game with these fashionable‌ combat boots, click here to check them out on Amazon.⁣ Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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