Summer Cool: PRIJOUHE Kimono Jacket & Shorts Review

Step into style and comfort ‍with the PRIJOUHE Mens Japanese Kimono Coat Suits Loose Open Front Seven ​Sleeve Kimono Cardigan Jacket with Shorts. As we gear up for the summer ⁢season, this cool and casual ‍kimono outfit ⁣is the perfect addition to your ⁢wardrobe. Made of 100% polyester material, this outfit is lightweight, comfortable, and designed⁣ for daily casual wear, outdoor activities, parties,⁤ and even beach days.

The⁢ open front jacket with seven ​sleeves pairs perfectly with the elastic waist shorts that have two side pockets and a drawstring closure. With a variety of colors to choose from and a range of sizes available, you can easily find the perfect fit for‌ you. Whether you wear it ​as a set or mix and match with other pieces, this kimono outfit is sure ⁣to elevate your summer style.

So, if you’re looking for a versatile ‍and stylish outfit that will ​keep ⁤you cool all summer long, ​look no further than the PRIJOUHE ⁣Mens Japanese Kimono Coat Suits. Stay tuned​ as we dive into our first-hand experience with this must-have summer staple.

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Looking for a ⁢stylish and comfortable outfit for the summer season? Look no further! Our unisex kimono outfit with a cool⁢ seven sleeve kimono ⁤cardigan jacket and shorts is the perfect‌ choice for those hot summer days. Made of 100% polyester, the fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for staying cool in the summer‍ heat.

The⁣ loose fit design ⁢of the jacket and shorts provides a comfortable and casual look, perfect​ for daily wear, outdoor activities, parties, and even a day at the beach. The jacket features an open front with no closure, while the shorts have an elastic waist with a drawstring for a customizable fit. With a variety of colors to choose from⁤ and unique printed patterns on both the‌ jacket and shorts, you’re sure to​ stand out in style.⁤ Don’t miss ​out on this cool​ kimono outfit – get yours today!

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Stylish Design and Versatile ‌Wear

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When it comes to style and versatility, this Japanese Kimono Coat Suit definitely ​delivers! The loose open front‌ design of the jacket‌ combined with the comfortable shorts make it a perfect outfit for a ‍variety of‍ occasions. Whether you are heading out for a​ casual ‍day with friends, attending a summer party,⁤ or simply relaxing ⁤at the beach, this outfit has got you covered.

The lightweight and breathable polyester material ensures that you stay cool and comfortable, even⁤ on the hottest summer⁣ days.‍ The seven ⁤sleeve kimono cardigan adds a unique touch to your outfit, while ​the elastic waist shorts with drawstring closure provide a perfect fit for all body types. With a range of colors to choose from ⁣and the option to ⁢size up for a looser fit, this kimono outfit is a must-have for anyone looking to ‍add a stylish and versatile piece to their wardrobe. Get yours today and elevate your summer fashion game!

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Comfortable and High-Quality Material

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When it comes to comfort⁢ and quality, this kimono outfit truly ‌delivers. The 100% polyester material feels incredibly soft and lightweight, ⁤making it a perfect choice‍ for those hot summer days. The loose fit adds an extra level ⁢of comfort, ⁣allowing‌ us to move freely and ⁣comfortably throughout the day. The open front design of‍ the jacket adds a touch of casual⁢ elegance, while the elastic waist and drawstring of ⁤the shorts ensure a perfect fit every time.

The attention to detail in this outfit ​is truly impressive. From the beautiful printed patterns on both the jacket ⁢and shorts to the practical side pockets,‌ every aspect of this kimono⁤ set has been carefully crafted for both style and functionality. Whether we’re heading to a beach party or just enjoying a casual day out, this outfit⁢ is sure to keep us ​cool and stylish. Plus, with a variety of​ colors⁢ to choose from, there’s a ‍perfect option for every taste and style. Don’t miss ⁣out on the chance to elevate your summer wardrobe with this stylish kimono outfit!

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Detailed Insights⁤ and Recommendations

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When it⁣ comes to summer fashion, comfort and style are key, and this ‍kimono outfit delivers on both ​fronts. ⁣Made from 100% polyester material, the loose fit design allows for ‍easy movement while keeping you cool‍ in the summer heat. The lightweight fabric is comfortable ⁣to wear all day‍ long, making it perfect for⁤ various occasions such as daily casual outings, beach trips, parties, and outdoor activities.

The unique seven sleeve kimono cardigan jacket​ paired with the stylish shorts creates⁤ a ⁢fashionable look that stands out. The jacket features an open ‌front design with ⁢no closure, ‍while the shorts boast⁣ two convenient side pockets and an elastic waist with⁤ a drawstring ⁤closure for a personalized ⁣fit. With ‍a variety of colors to⁤ choose from and ⁣detailed printed patterns on both the jacket and shorts, you can easily elevate your summer ⁢wardrobe with this trendy outfit. Don’t miss ⁤out on adding this cool kimono outfit to ⁢your collection this season. Check the product⁤ page to order yours today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ⁤Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the PRIJOUHE Mens Japanese Kimono Coat Suits, we have found ‌some common themes and feedback from users. Here is a summary of what customers are⁣ saying about this product:

Review Key ⁣Points
I bought these ‌for my son Perfect fit ⁢for a 5’11” and 200 lbs
Shipping said it would ‍take time Came early, better fit than‌ expected
Definitely a little big Still comfortable
Love these & ‌have bought 2 patterns Material could be ‌thicker, but highly recommended
Went to a music festival Received many compliments, kept cool during the heat
Made from pretty good material Durable, wearer loves it
Some ⁣other kimonos looked more shirt-like This one had a nice fit, extended at⁣ the bottom
Not US sizing Size discrepancy,⁤ recommend ordering larger size

Overall, customers seem to be satisfied with the PRIJOUHE Kimono Coat Suits, praising the fit, comfort, and design of the product. Some users have ‍noted the sizing discrepancies, suggesting to order a‌ larger size than usual. Despite‌ this issue, the majority of reviewers enjoy ‌the stylish look and quality of the kimono jacket and shorts set.

Pros ⁣& Cons

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Pros & ‌Cons


1. Lightweight and comfortable⁢ fabric
2. Perfect for summer wear
3. Stylish and unique design
4. Versatile for various occasions
5. Easy to care for – can ​be machine washed


1. Limited color options
2. Some‌ may find the fit to be too loose
3. No closure on the ​jacket may be inconvenient for some
4. Sizing may run small, so be sure ‌to check the size chart

Overall, the PRIJOUHE Mens Japanese Kimono⁣ Coat Suits Loose Open Front⁣ Seven Sleeve Kimono Cardigan Jacket with Shorts is a ‍great ⁢addition to your summer⁢ wardrobe, providing a cool and comfortable ⁢option for various occasions. While it may‌ have some minor drawbacks, the unique style and easy care instructions make it a worthwhile‌ purchase.


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Q: How is the quality of the fabric​ of the PRIJOUHE Kimono⁢ Jacket and Shorts set?

A: The fabric of ⁤the kimono jacket and shorts is made of 100% polyester material, which makes‍ it very lightweight and comfortable to ‌wear in the summer‍ heat. It is perfect for keeping cool and ⁢stylish‍ during the hot weather.

Q: ‌Can the kimono jacket and⁢ shorts be worn for various occasions?

A: Yes, the kimono outfit is versatile and can be worn for daily casual activities, outdoor events, parties,⁢ the⁢ beach, and more. It is a very cool and stylish option for summer ⁢wear.

Q: What are the washing instructions for the kimono jacket and shorts?

A: The kimono jacket ‌and shorts can be hand washed or machine washed in cold water,‌ and then hung to dry in‌ the shade. Following these instructions will ‍help maintain the ⁤quality and⁤ longevity of the outfit.

Q: Are there different colors and sizes available for the‌ kimono jacket and shorts set?

A: Yes, there are different colors and sizes available for you to choose ⁢from. The sizes range from S to XXL in US ‌sizes, and you can refer to the size chart before making a selection. There are also different printed patterns available ‌for ​both the jacket‍ and shorts.

Embody Excellence

As we wrap up our review⁤ of the PRIJOUHE Mens‌ Japanese Kimono ⁢Coat Suits, ​we can’t help but‍ feel excited‍ for you to experience the cool and stylish⁣ vibes this outfit brings to your summer wardrobe. With its lightweight fabric, comfortable fit, and versatile design, this kimono jacket ⁣and shorts set is perfect for any casual occasion, whether it’s a beach day or a summer party.

Don’t miss out ​on the ‍opportunity to elevate your summer⁣ style with⁤ this unique kimono outfit. Get yours now and make every moment of summer ⁤count!

Ready to add this summer must-have to⁣ your wardrobe? Click here to​ purchase: PRIJOUHE ​Kimono Jacket ‌& ⁣Shorts

Stay cool and ​stylish all summer long!

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